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Rabbit Abandonment and Shelter Population Information:

The Rabbit Overpopulation Myth RabbitOverpopMyth.pdf


How many total Rabbits in the US and Canada are listed on Petfinder? Click Here


Rabbitpop.pdf  Rabbit Population & Shelter numbers 


RabbitShelterPops90s.pdf  Rabbis in shelter data 1995-2000


Rabpoppetf.pdf  Rabbitshelter population data off Petfinder 2002-2006


Coming April 2015 Updated Rabbit Population Information, Updated Shelter Rabbit Intake data, Updated Article The Rabbit Overpopulation Myth Revisited


Did you know? Rabbit "rescues" purchase rabbits from meat rabbit breeders, show breeders, at livestock auctions, and off craiglist to resell or as they label it "adopt". Do you think this is ethical? We don't! We also don't believe it is ethical to say a rabbit overpopulation crisis exists when you buy up rabbits who were never intended to go into the pet market and sell them as adoptable rabbits.

Rabbit rescues also lie to breeders in order to buy the rabbits to resell.


Did you know that many rabbits purchased from shelters and rabbit rescues end up returned or abandoned? Perhaps 25%-50% or more of rabbits currently in shelters or rabbit rescues were originally purchased from a shelter or rabbit rescue.

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