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Basic information about proper rabbit care can be found in our pamphlets Allcarepamphlets.pdf

The menu bar to the right has sections about proper diet and rabbit disease.

To read about the facts about uterine cancer check this link out Uterine Cancer in Rabbits

Pine shavings are not dangerous to read why check this out The Truth About Pine Shavings

If you have or are interested in dwarf breeds and have read internet myths about malocclusion incidence read  our study on the actual incidence among breeders Malocclusionincidence.pdf

 And if you are looking for a pet rabbit the best source is a rabbit breeder. You can check the American Rabbit Breeder's Association website for shows near you or look up breed specialty clubs to find a breeder near you.

Also be sure to read about why breeders don't allow people into their rabbitres, what shelter industry reps post online is inaccurate so get the real scoop here NObuyerinspect.pdf

There are also other great resources with articles on proper rabbit care. One source you do NOT want to go to is rabbit rescue, veterinarians who work with "rescue", "house" rabbit groups, or shelters.  Their information is not accurate. One reason is their hatred of breeders causes them to refuse to consider the vast wealth of knowledge and experience breeders have.

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