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House Rabbit Society Blows it...AGAIN

Posted by Rabbit Education on January 29, 2011 at 8:36 PM

The article "Too small for bunnies' comfort" by Jacelyn Heng President, House Rabbit Society of Singapore  really gets it wrong about rabbits. Her article is a complaint about a pet rabbit type exhibition, to start she's against doing things to rabbits such as dressing them up for a costume contest or having a rabbit race. In her article titled "Dressing, racing rabbits is abuse" she states

"The "Best Dressed Rabbit" contest is absolutely unsuitable for rabbits. We may think it is cute and fun to dress our pets up in clothes that we (or dolls) would wear, but it is most certainly a form of animal abuse - especially so for rabbits.

Rabbits are prey animals and are therefore ultra-sensitive to their bodies being wrapped in material. They liken the sensation to being caught by a predator."

Animal abuse? Come on give me a break!!! To start her contention that rabbits would view being dressed up like being caught by a predator is simply ridiculous. Given her logic no one should ever pick up, touch, or handle a rabbit in any way. Now if one sliently snuck up on their pet rabbit and grabbed him THAT would probably be viewed as being caught by a predator by dressing them!! I can't see how she jumps to the conclusion of "abuse" when examining dressing up pet rabbits for a costume contest. I don't think they would view it as much of anything. I think this has more to do with anyone using rabbits differently than she would is "abuse". Of course who is she or the HRSS to dictate anything about how pet owners interact with their rabbits.

And how does she know what a rabbit thinks when dressed up? Last I heard they don't speak English :) But read between the lines, it's all about promoting a radical agenda that disallows all sorts of legitimate interaction between people and animals.

In the other article "Too small for bunnies' comfort" another one of her complaints is the cages are too small. Hello, the cages used to transport rabbits from point A to B are SMALLER than their regular housing. There is a really valid reason to do this...SAFETY. Large roomy transport cages would allow for rabbits to get bumped around and increase the chance of injury. In a car accident it could very well kill or paralyze them. Heng complains the cages violated "welfare standards", but in fact they do not, acceptable welfare standards allow for transport of rabbits in small cages meant to restrict movement to ensure their safety.

Heng also complains about the wire bottom floors of the tranpsort cages, once again HRS gets it wrong on rabbit husbandry. Wire flooring is an acceptable substance. It is sanitary, waste products fall through preventing the rabbit from standing in it. Groups who promote feeding rabbits in plastic litterboxes so that they stand in their own feces and urine may not be aware of the importance of sanitary conditions.

Heng also says wire clages cause sore hocks, they of course DO NOT. There are a number of factors including genetic predisposition for sore hocks. Wire flooring does not cause it, it is perfectly safe and comfortable for rabbits. She neglects to mention that some rabbits housed on solid flooring also develop sore hocks.Someone who works at a shelter also posted in the comment section: "As to the sore hocks - I found it interesting that the ONLY cases of sore hocks and urine burn that came into the shelter were found on rabbits that were kept on solid bottom floors! HRS wants you to think it is grid floors that are the culprit but the shelter statistics prove otherwise."

You know what does contribute to sore hocks? Rabbits standing in wet, unsanitary surfaces such as solid floors that do not allow the urine or feces to fall through, sort of like those litterboxes filled with hay.

Someone who actually attended the event left a comment to Heng's complaint:


Updated 05:05 PM January 28, 2011

I was present at the event myself and this picture attached is definitely a wrong representation of what the "exhibits" are. The rabbit in the cage pictured here, is in the "holding area" for the rabbit before they entered the show on-stage for the judges to judge. For those who have not seen the event personally, please DO NOT get the wrong impression of the content typed and picture taken. The rabbits that were meant for exhibition and educating the public at Suntec City Mall are housed in large enough space for them to run around, have fresh hay and fresh water, stretch out, roll around and sleep well. Sometimes rabbits do cuddle up into a ball to rest when the temperature gets a little chilly, which is obviously the case if you have been exposed to cold blasts of air conditioning at the malls for hours in the same spot.

I would also have to ask Heng how do you and your organization transport rabbits? In large roomy cages where they can be injured or in smaller transport cages?

Once again a group calling themselves the only "experts" on rabbit husbandry are proven wrong. It would be a shame if Heng's group was successful in ending the pet exhibition.

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