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Do what I say...not what I do

Posted by Rabbit Education on January 13, 2011 at 11:43 AM

How often have you heard breeders should never sell to pet stores? How about rabbits should never be used in prmotional photographs? How about conditions at breeders or pet stores being "deplorable"? We usually hear these words from animal rights activist. They seem to think they are the only ones who know what's best for animals. I submit they just have an agenda and speak out of both sides of their mouths.

Let's start with using rabbits in photgraphs, rabbit activists are opposed to this. Every year when a photo studio offers people the chance to have a photo with a live rabbit they are up in arms about it. Lots of time and resoruces are spent preventing people from having the opportunity to pose with a rabbit. Breeders are attacked if they allow anyone to use or buy rabbits from them for any purpose involving photos.

Yet, it's okay for those involved in the shelter industry to do whatever they want. One activist suggests

"What if the option was for Glamour Shots to "partner" with a rabbit rescue group and was willing to use the promotion as an opportunity to educate and donate a significant portion of each photo fee to rabbit rescue efforts?" . Read that well, donate a significant portion of the photo fee. It's all about the money I guess.

Or this post from 8/26/10 concerning a need for a white lop rabbit "We've had a request for a white lop for a photo shoot this comingi monday.". I fail to see the difference between "rescue" providing a rabbit to be used in a photo shoot or a breeder. Again "rescue" wants to be able to do watever it wants and at the same time condemn everyone else.

Of course "rescue" also attacks rabbit breeders for using rabbits as food, saying breeders have no respect for the rabbit's life. Okay, so how do they justify the widespread bunny abortions they perform?

"If we suspect a bun is pregnant, she skips to the top of our priority list and is spayed PRONTO if she is pregnant." 12/14/10

"We don't like having to do spays on pregnant females, but as (name deleted) has stated, it is a necessity here on (location deleted)."

I'm sorry but you can't attack breeders for raising rabbits for food while at the same time you're killing baby bunnies. Even worse though is why they perform bunny abortion: "as we all know, young bunnies are a hot commodity: they are relatively easy to adopt out, and invariably are chosen over an older (and equally wonderful) bun, leaving the older buns to languish in rescue for years."

Let's move on to an even more troubling defense of abuse, deplorable conditions at ....a shelter. Remember breeders are being raided left and right because of minor issues like a dog's teeth need to be cleaned or there is a day's worth of feces in kennel. In late 2010 channel 7 news did a series of reports about a NYC facility. http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/investigators&id=7848763 ; "Eyewitness News recently reported on allegations of widespread neglect, and now, there is evidence that adoptable animals are being killed on a daily basis because of overcrowding and budget cuts by the City's Department of Health.". "Eyewitness News recently obtained undercover video showing widespread, disgusting conditions, as one worker put it."

"Insiders say animals under the care of Animal Care and Control are housed in deplorable conditions - cats stacked in small cages and dogs often not walked for days. Undercover videos and photos show dogs wallowing in their own waste; Bed sheets soaked and soiled, cages caked with filth; Cat food mixed with kitty litter." http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/investigators&id=7806635

A rabbit owner posted on a "rescue" list  "Dogs don't get walked,cats have kitty litter in their food,and no one was picking up the phones for adoptions."

One would think "rescue" would be against a shelter neglecting animals and use their resources to fix the problem, that would be logical given their attacks on breeders, pet stores, commercial breeders, and farmers right? Apparently not:

"If it sounds like I am defending NYCACC, I am because I am one of those insiders who has been going there for 6 years". Rabbit "rescuer"

Finally we have the pet store angle. The public is bombarded with the message never buy from a pet store.  We hear nothing but propaganda against pet stores etc. But guess what folks, the shelter industry has no problem supplying pet stores with shelter animals. Again talking out of both sides of their mouths!!

From HRS website:

"Those rabbits who are sold to pet stores don't necessarily fare any better, as pet stores sell pets to anyone with the money to buy, and don't check on what kind of home they will go to."

"Please also shop at pet supply stores that do not sell animals. Since Petco and Petsmart stopped selling rabbits, Petland is now the only national pet store to sell rabbits. Please do not shop at Petland and encourage others to boycott them as well!"

ASPCA site regarding a "responsible breeder": "Never sells puppies to a dealer or pet shop." Many rabbit "rescuers" just insert "rabbit" into the "rules" made up by groups who have no experience breeding.

But wait, then they all turn right around and sell their shelter stock to pet stores.

"it’s not surprising that some nonprofit animal shelters would explore the direct “transfer” or sale of pets to retail establishments, where those pets would be sold to the public."  http://www.aspca.org/about-us/policy-positions/selling-shelter-animals-to-pet-shops.aspx

"The ASPCA recommends that any animal shelter that engages in the direct transfer or sale of pets to a retail pet store enter into a contract with the store, such contract to specify the following conditions:"

"The store will agree to acquire no dogs or cats from commercial breeding facilities, and will not acquire or purchase pets directly from the public. "

Yeah they wouldn't want competition for supplying the pet store!


"PETCO Announces an End to all Rabbit Sales

November 17, 2008 - House Rabbit Society (HRS) is delighted to announce that PETCO has decided to cease its sale of rabbits in all PETCO stores. PETCO will begin phasing rabbits out of its stores immediately and as of early 2009, the only rabbits available at PETCO stores should be rabbits from shelters or rescue organizations."


The above is incorrect, rabbits will indeed be for sale at Petco...just not breeder supplied rabbits but shelter/rescue supplied.Seriously what's the difference between a "rescue" supplying rabbits or a breeder.

It's pretty hard to take any of these groups seriously when they work under do as I command of you not as I actually do. It's time people stopped putting shelters/rescue on some some sort of pedestal , these organizations are no better than anyone else and in some respects much worse. At least pet stores and commercial breeders don't hide the fact that they are a business like the shelter industry does. Next time you hear "adopt" just remember it's another name for SALE.

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