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90% of Rabbits ARE NOT Abandoned

Posted by Rabbit Education on March 31, 2010 at 12:39 PM

Years ago we researched the mythical 90% of all rabbits ____ fill in the blank with whatever you want, die, are euthanized, end up dead within 6 months etc. Recently I read an article discouraging people from buying rabbits that included this false "statistic". It's unfortunate we live in a society where authors freely use false information. Is it because they aren't doing the research and asking questions or is it because they have an agenda? Who knows.

On our site you can find the information detailing why the 90% line is false and made up.

To summarize it here, there are no records or have been about how many rabbits are sold per year. There are not records kept about how many rabbits shelters take in per year.

In order to state with any shred of accuracy 90% of all rabbits die, get euthanized, abandoned, whatever per year one would HAVE to know how many are sold per year and how many are abandoned per year.  But nobody has that information.

So if you happen upon the 90% line just remember it's a bunch of smelly steamy bull you know what!!

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